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BEWARE...USED CAR DEALERSHIPS DO NOT NEED TO HAVE STATE OBDII EMISSION TEST DONE!! in June 2013 I Bought a 2003 buick from avondale catus jacks and my main question was smog issues.

I am from CA and emission is tough, but everyone, dealers included. So when I asked, I was told yes it passed state smog, and would be good for 2 years. As I told them I didnt want to deal with emission testing for the first 2 years like in CA. Well, within 6 weeks power seat broke, within 8 weeks ac went out.

Then in Jan. I received notice from the state that emission test would be needed to register car. I was mad, I called dealer to find out why when he told me it was good for 2 years. Then I told him of all the other issues with the car, so this extra expense of paying the 27.50 for the test just took me over the edge.

(not that it is much, but was told it wasnt going to be needed). He told me to bring the car down, they would trade it in, well got there and he tells me he cant till the balance is less than 2000.00. Well, i put 2500 down, 71 for registration and 300.00 amonth payments. and after 8 months still owed 4802 on the 7000 car.

Well took the car for test, and it failed before they even pluged it in. The service engine light did not come on at all..I said but there is a service vehicle light that comes on, I was informed there is a service engine light on the other side of the cluster..I was shocked it was hard to see but yep there was one and it didnt come on. When I bought the car the light never came on over on that side at all..so I thought all was good when the one I seen always went off one car is turned on. Well contacted ADEQ and BBB...they told ADEQ they would do the repairs for free..they told me they would make payment arrangements for the repairs and defer on payment so I could them done.

Well, the defered payment I found was costing me as much as one payment in just compounded daily interest, had to pay a 5.00 fee to pay it via debit card, when I got there they said cash only and they have signs all over the waiting room "NO CASH, CHECKS or MO ONLY"..they wouldnt take a check, had to drive 38.5 miles each way to pay it. So after my first 300.00 in code repairs, it still was sending codes. The light had not been looked at yet, as I had to wait till my next payday to do anymore. Catus Jacks said they would fix the light for free, that made me feel like they knew something???

just odd. On the 2nd of this month I paid to have the light done, I took it to a private auto repair shop. They called me before removing the cluster. When I got there they removed the cluster, kept it plugged in and turn the key...OMG..you could see the light on from the top of the cluster!!

They took the cluster out of the car, lifted the top just a little, and you could see black tape over the service engine soon. They took photos, took off the tape,I then contacted ADEQ...well they can do NOTHING!!! EPA states that is tampering, but adeq states I have to prove who put the tape there. After looking at emission records found that in feb 2012 car failed emission twice for the same codes and light, but passed on the 3rd try.

So someone between March 2012 and when catus jacks got the car someone put the black tape on it, but they did an emission test, only tail pipe is needed for used car dealers, they just sign it off. But they are professionals who are the one that are to check emission systems before selling the car...filed complaint with EPA, BBB, AG and 3 on your side..folks need to know that they need an OBDll state emission test.

My car is sitting, not legal to drive, needs at least another 500 to 600 in repairs, if lucky. They can have the car back and we can go to court and let the judge know they sell cars that will not pass state OBD emissions...have the proof

Monetary Loss: $5465.

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Hey loverboy..as stated in comment, was told had passed I'd emission. And no issue with credit. All is well and good ..

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #860611

Hey ***,

That tape was most likely put there by the previous owner. You are *** and have bad credit and now your car will be or was repoed.... LOSER

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