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These people are total *** bag losers! DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!

I am looking for anyone else that has had their contract changed or were tricked into thinking they were agreeing to monthly payments when it was actually bi-monthly payments / every 2 weeks which is 2 times per month for 8 months of the year and then 3 times per month for the remaining 4 months! So I thought I was paying $200/mo for 12 mos = $2400/yr, when I actually was somehow swindled into $200/2-weeks equaling $400/mo for 8 mos of the year plus $600/mo for 4 mos of the year (since every quarter - Mar|Jun|Sep|Dec - THREE payments fall into that month if paying every 2-weeks!) = $5600/yr! Please tell me how a 233% increased/accelerated payment schedule is not illegal? Supposedly Cactus Jacks transferred my auto loan from being financed by themselves to a company called United Acceptance within one month of my purchase.

So my payments started with Cactus Jacks at $200/mo for 60/mos and then were transferred to United Acceptance without my knowledge or agreement at $200/2-weeks for 60/payments! Now tell me that's not scandalous?!? It's basically the same $12,000 due, but instead of it being due over 5 years like I agreed, it's now due over 2.14 years! Can anyone smell a set up for repossession?

I am furious and would like to get together a class action lawsuit against Cactus Jacks.

I have a lawyer and I only need 5 others that this has happened to to make this happen. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO YOU!

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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I am so ready to sue them. My name is jeffery waters


If they actually changed your contract, you can prove it. Just show the original one that you have a copy of and compare it to their altered one. Should be no problem.

Paradise Valley, Arizona, United States #924282

Cactus jacks is obviously a joke dealership that preys on college kids and others with thin credit files. They also spam craigslist - they are ***.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #782477

Really? Changed your contract?

That's not even possible! Seems like you just bit off more than you can chew.

Now you want to defame the only dealer that could get you financed. Good luck with your "lawsuit".

to come on Phoenix, Arizona, United States #787273

Seems like Cactus Jacks hired themselves a troll...

to come on Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1256410

No a lot of bhph car lots do anything they can to find a way to repossess the cars they have sold. I mean think of how much more money they can make if they sell the same car multiple times.

It is sad that people have to prey on those with poor credit or low income. These people need transportation as much as the rest of us but are severely limited as to where they can go to acquire that transportation. Therefore these predatory lenders loan them the money for a vehicle at ridiculous interest rates and as soon as they collect enough payments to clear a profit their goal becomes repossession of the car so they can sell it again and screw some other unsuspecting victim. Now I say all this from the perspective of a 20 year veteran of the car business and I will also say that not all bhph lots are like this but a large percentage of them are so if your credit or income dictate that you go to a bhph lot do your research and talk to previous customers.

Make sure that they report to the credit bureau. And ask if your contract will be sold to another lender. Expect a high interest rate but never pay more than about 18%.

Remember it's your money and your purchase if anything about the deal seems fishy keep looking elsewhere. And it never hurts to check with the better business bureau.

to Car guy #1450403

What bhph dealerships to you recommend?

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